Honey, such passion!

Thanks to Giovanni’s passion for honey, in 1945 the family began this activity passed to the sons. In 1975 Luigi has the merit of increase the production starting a new profession.
It’s a success that bring the company in 2016 to obtain the DOP mark released to only other 10 producer all around Italy.

Today 150 hives, the unique ecosystem of Dumentina Valley, the love for the bees and the respect of the nature guarantee a genuine and high quality honey.

The DOP honey is caractherised by a high degree of nectar purity.

A really sweet flavor, a delicate scent and vanilla flavouring.


Intense and contrasting

Dark-coloured, tent to black.
Strong-smelling aroma, particular taste and slightly bitter.

Harvesting period: June

Floral and balanced

Reddish colour, rich aroma, pleasant taste and vary according to production area.

Harvesting period: June/July

Sweet and delicate

White straw colour, a little umber, light and delicate aroma, very sweet taste.

Harvesting period: May

Fresh and heady

Amber tone, with a yellow greenish tinge of purer honey. Refreshing taste with a citrusy finish and slightly bitter.

Harvesting period: May / June